Program Management

Napeyok embraces sustainability in the broadest sense. Napeyok has experience in coordinating initiatives and projects in private and non-profit sectors, including:

  • Establish feasibility studies at regional and national level in emerging countries.
  • Draft strategic plans.
  • Connect local authorities, private sector players, non-profit organisations and local communities and create support among these stakeholders.
  • Set up a knowledge and skills network within (whether or not) existing sectors by initiating education and practical learnings.
  • Setting up frameworks for new programs. 

The development and management of sustainable programs in emerging countries includes both conservation of nature and cultural heritage, and the improvement of personal livelihoods in the specific region. Napeyok focuses specifically on the supervision, coordination and implementation of frameworks of projects on site. For detailed information and the latest news about the project to which I have contributed, see Business Lab Uganda and Karamoja Tourism Academy.

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