Theo Vos

Founding Director Kara-Tunga / Project co-initiator Karamoja Tourism Academy in Moroto, Uganda
Theo Vos Kara-Tunga

Annelies supported Kara-Tunga for six months and kick-started an important piece of the puzzle in developing sustainable tourism in the most remote area of Uganda.

For decades the people living in the North-eastern region of Uganda, known as Karamoja, suffered of insecurity that made the region an absolute no-go-zone for tourists. Until recently peace returned and Kara-Tunga was founded to develop and promote a sustainable income generating alternative through tourism.

The organisation is growing and tourist numbers are visibly increasing, but the capacity of the organisation and other regional stakeholders doesn’t meet tourist expectations.

This is where Annelies came on board to coordinate the first research in the capacity gap within the regional tourism sector aimed at establishing a regional tourism and hospitality skilling initiative called ‘Karamoja Tourism Academy’.

Annelies proved to be the perfect person with her background in employment law, human resource management and a passion for Africa and traveling. Her skillset and passion did not only make the research a success but she also supported the Kara-Tunga organisation in raising awareness of human resource management, personal development and environmental sustainability.

The working conditions in the remote Northeast of Uganda are challenging, but Annelies dealt with it and made it her home. She worked great with Kara-Tunga staff and built valuable relationships with NGO’s, local government, private sector players and the rural communities.

All lead to the community baptising Annelies with a traditional name ‘Napeyok’ meaning visitor. Kara-Tunga is proud Napeyok stated an international consultancy company in human resource management. We believe she will succeed in business and hope to have her back soon.