Welcome at Napeyok Consultancy

Napeyok means ‘Welcome Visitor’ in the Karamoja region in north-eastern Uganda and it became the trade name for the business of Annelies, the driving force behind this international organisation focused on sustainable development of people and organisations.

Napeyok Consultancy supports entrepreneurs and organisations in Human Resource Management, Program Management and People & Organisational Development in the Netherlands as well as Uganda.

What can I offer?

Human Resource Management

Looking for a people operations strategy to improve employee engagement? Are you a start- or scale-up in need of a culture ambassador or technical HR support while growing your business?  

Program Management

Program Management

Coordination and setting up frameworks of projects for private and non-profit organisations, aimed at developing sustainable impact in emerging countries. 

People & Organisational Development

People & Organisational Development

Balance the powers in your organisation, by implementing a self-organisation method that is purpose driven. Empower employees or individuals. 

Annelies Kannekens is the driving force behind Napeyok Consultancy with a background in Employment and Business Law and a proven track record in The Netherlands, Australia and Uganda. She works as a Consultant in HRM, Program Management and Organisational Development. People, leadership, culture and sustainable business growth in an international setting have always had her interest.

What people say

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